Building Community Resilience

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Our Process

Think Global. Act Local

At Amara Hub, we champion innovative community development models that have the power to transform young people in vulnerable and underserved populations into reimagined vessels of opportunity.


Through shadowing locals at their jobs and homes, the project team uses empathy to get a pulse of the constraints and a framework from which to begin and benchmarks to measure progress.


In the next stage, the team distills and translates field observations into insights about the human behaviors that can lead to solutions or opportunities for change.


Here insights conceived are turned into a concrete action plan. The broad set of solutions is narrowed down into a well-framed opportunity.


The ideas are rendered into actual products and solutions. These are tested, iterated and refined in order to deliver reliable, long term success in real-world implementation.


Questions and Answers.

Here are frequently asked questions about Amara Hub.

What is Amara Hub?

Amara Hub is a nonprofit, youth-led community based organization legally registered in Uganda. Our mission is to nurture and empower bold communities of change. Our vision at Amara Hub is deeply rooted in using community engagement and entrepreneurial thinking for the betterment of rural Uganda.

Where do you work?

Our primary country of focus is Uganda. We are currently running a pilot program in Kole District to identify replicable ways to build resilience of women-led households in low-income communities by equipping them with transformative skills. Our interventions are multi-faceted and include; digital & financial literacy, education, gender equality & reproductive health.

Why do you primarily engage women?

Fact: Women are the backbone of families and the bedrock of nations. According to the United Nations (UN), levelling the field and improving opportunities for women, would not only improve their income but benefit families, communities, and economies, boosting the kind of inclusive growth that makes whole countries more resilient. We believe that by nurturing women, we can build our nation. One of our ambitious long-term goals is to uplift 10,000 households in Uganda out of poverty by 2030.

What activities do you do?

Amara Hub convenes different cohorts of grassroot self-help groups to engage in evidence-based programs that focus on expanding their economic opportunities. Our premise is that empowerment is a process. By tracking direct, intermediate and final outcomes in the lives of the community members over time, we can better measure the process of empowerment. Amara Hub's formative research has informed locally tailored interventions on employability skills and digital literacy. We compliment these with critical programs for youth on sexual and reproductive health.

Where do I find your offices?

Our Centre of Excellence is located in Kole District - in the heart of post-conflict Northern Uganda, in order to provide the most comprehensive support in the most cost-effective manner, that addresses the special needs of low-income residents of rural communities.

We also ran a collaborative workspace for community development programs and a café as an inititative to create employment for the community and to boost our sustainability.

How can I donate to Amara Hub?

Donations both financial or otherwise are greatly appreciated and accepted. Please send an email to sponsoring (at) amarahub (dot) org for details. We are committed to transparency and share an annual audited financial report with all our supporters. Amara Hub's organization budget follows a rule of thumb that at least 75% of expenses are spent on program activities and no more than 25% on administration and fundraising.

We work with these dedicated partners aligned with our mission in order to deliver impact.