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Amara Hub runs a future-focused programme for youth, especially young women between ages of 15 to 30 years that challenges them to apply knowledge, skills and creativity towards different ways of gaining income. Our signature programme provides these young people with hands-on learning in creative arts with a goal of developing entrepreneurial thinking and belief in self for a positive financial future.

We developed this six month programme using co-design principles with young people from Northern Uganda. We found that they currently lack the opportunity to connect with real-world business experience have limited formal education. A core component of the programme is to provide the participants with a safe space in which they can meet their peers, around topics that interest them. We empower the participants to acquire the skills, knowledge, confidence and networks they need to become more competitive entrepreneurs. This vocational training package is focused on the sustainable creative economy and consists of three months practical training, followed by work-based experiential learning, and finally linkage to employment. Our approach uses government accredited institutions and curricula with alternative learning options for early school leavers.

Annually, Amara Hub brings meaningful learning experiences to two cohorts of young people who are the next generation of local entrepreneurs and investors, and shall contribute to the development of life-skills of the future workforce and potentially diversify business ownership in Northern Uganda.

Month 0 - 6

In the initial phase of the programme, participants receive market-driven tailored skills training and business development support.

Month 7 - 12

Next, cohorts form peer support groups for accountability and are are also introduced to financial systems and legal structures

Month 12+

On graduation, the key focus is to sustain the confidence and networks needed to create an ecosystem of competitive entrepreneurs.

Voices from the Field

“Access to information is scarce here, few of us women have access to internet, a phone, and we don't leave the town center regularly. The information provided by the Amara Hub programme has helped my business to become more stable. I feel more supported by my fellow women, and I enjoy sharing my time and learning with other women”

— Akello, 23 years old, Market Vendor, Mother of five children

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